City Lawyer Advokatbyrå MBA Sweden AB is the small Lawfirm with the great engagement

and the great knowledge in the fields where the Lawfirm is acting.


Owner and working Lawyer is Leif Rydström, member of the Swedish Bar Association.

Leif Rydström has, except from his Master of Law-degree, the basic education of an Auditor

( godkänd revisor ) and has been working with Bookkeeping, Balancing and Annual Reports

for stock corporations and more.

He is also Approved by The Company Authority ( Bolagsverket ) Liquidator after finalizing

A number of Company Liquidations.


The Lawfirm is mainly active in Corporate Law and matters but is also accepting missions

within other fields like Criminal Law, including Financial and White Collar Crimes,

Financial Family Matters—thus not Custody Disputes and similar.


The Lawfirm uses streaming charging principles, which means that the income is not the most important fact. If the Owner finds a case Interesting, Instructive or otherwise

a distressing case. Instructive could mean that if Leif Rydström is prepared to, within a

Limited Fee and Cost, undertake the Special Field or case even if this is quite timeconsuming.


Further, the Lawfirm´s goal is, both concerning results and fees, that all finalized matters shall give positive recommendations.